SWEETIE’S sugars

PROFESSIONAL  AND SCHOOL PROJECT :Nowadays everyone know how much sugar can be a danger for our health.
But how to continue to get pleasure eating sugars without feeling guilty ?
That why I create 3 products with 3 bio and good differents sugars and with 3 ways to consume. First coco sugar is low of calories and taste good in pastries then whole cane sugar it’s the most known and can be consume easily by children and finally agave sirup is perfect for diabetic and can be really good on crepes. Each one of this product get a system to get the perfect dose to respect OMS restrictions and of course keep the pleasure of sweetness.
 This project has been chosen to represent my master NPA and especially the brand design & food option for this year 2017 in the communication of the school. NPA.png

Sweetie’s sugars is my end of studies and professional project looking for professional contributors or buyers to produce it. 

If you are interested contact me !